Minimalist Luxury Wood with Magnetic Dial for Men and Women

Minimalist Luxury Wood with Magnetic Dial for Men and Women

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A watch that looks and works unlike any other. See and fee time move like never before.


Tired of the same old boring watch design? Worst of all, every watch works the same. We at MB Meryl Store decided to disrupt the entire industry by creating spectacular watches that turn heads everywhere you go. Our daring design allows people to tell time with touch and sight.

Do you know it would be fun? Use this watch with magnetic movement and try to isolate yourself from the ordinary, be different and unique.

You do not understand it? When you meet a friend and he says: What time is it? Show your watch and it will not understand how you got it.

☑ Strap: Stainless Leather
☑ Movement: Quartz
☑ Water Resistance: 3 Bar
☑ Caseback: Showcase
☑ Face: 40mm Diameter for men and 35mm for women
☑ Thickness: 10mm (top to bottom caseback)
☑ Strap: 20mm width for men and 12mm for women

- Each watch features two ball bearings that use magnetized technology to travel around the face of the watch.

- One track is featured on the outer edge of the watch for the hour hand and another is placed in the inner edge for the minute hand.

Note: Our timepieces are proprietary designs and are engineered with amazing craftsmanship. We ship to EVERY country in the world and can ship the watch straight to your door!

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